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Pollution affects, and Legislative actions

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Arctic Pollution Problems
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Pollution affects, and Legislative actions

In general, we don't think air pollution is one of the main causes of asthma and that is because many parts of the world which have a lot of pollution don't necessarily have higher rates of asthma. It is known that in urban areas of the United States, especially the inner city, there are higher rates of asthma. So air pollution may be one of the factors that cause asthma, but probably not the main factor.Some of the symptoms of air pollution exposure include chest tightness, difficulty with breathing in and cough or wheezing. Certain types of air pollution can also cause fatigue, including carbon monoxide. Some types of air pollution can also cause eye irritation and nasal congestion.

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Four-wheel-drive vehicles, those rugged beasts designed for the open hillside but more commonly found doing the city school run, are so polluting and dangerous that they should carry a cigarette packet-style health warning. The annual "state of the air" study, which crunches government data on ozone, smog's main ingredient, finds more than 142 million Americans live in areas where ozone levels could endanger people's health.

Carbon Monoxide
CO reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, and is particularly dangerous to smokers, persons with heart disease, and those with anemia or heart disease. CO can also cause permanent damage to the nervous system.
Carbon Dioxide
CO2 does not directly impair human health, but is the most significant greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. The effects of global warming are uncertain, but they potentially include disruption of global weather patterns and ecosystems, flooding, severe storms, and droughts.